Level 6 DPSI-Law – Online Exam Preparation Course, Part 2: Role play

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Our Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI-Law) online preparation course and is highly recommended to anyone thinking about doing or preparing to sit the DPSI-Law exam.

The five-part webinar series is hosted by Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) interpreter and legal expert, Sue Leschen. The webinars are designed to help you thoroughly understand the contents of the CIOL DPSI-Law exam and cover the specific preparation and research needed to maximise the chance of passing.

Part 2 of the online course looks in more detail at Unit 1 of the Level 6 DPSI-Law exam (Role Play), including walking through past exam papers. It can be bought as an individual webinar or as a discounted bundle with the other four webinars.

The webinar contents are detailed below.



Webinar Part 2 contents

DPSI-Law exam Unit 1

  • About the Presenter (Sue Leschen)
  • Introduction to DPSI Law – Useful phrases
  • Why take DPSI Law?
  • Legal systems in the UK
  • DPSI Law – Standard of Examination
  • DPSI Law Units
  • Unit 1 (Role Play) – Interpreting – consecutive mode
  • Unit 1 (Role Play) – Interpreting – simultaneous (whispered) mode
  • Unit 1 – Explanation of role play – the interlocutors
  • Unit 1 (Role Play) – Interpreting
  • Unit 1 (Role play) Interpreting Timings – part A and B
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper details (example content walk through and challenges)
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper details context for part A
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper details terminology notes
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper details supplementary terminology
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper part A consecutive description
  • Arabic EN Law June 2015 paper part A simultaneous description
  • Resources
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading – example topics
  • Reading – Past papers
  • Reading – books