Level 2 Safeguarding Adults and Children at Risk

£40.00 incl. VAT

This accredited Level 2 Safeguarding online course and assessment is perfect for anyone that works around vulnerable adults and children and requires a detailed knowledge of how to safeguard them from harm.

The course units cover all areas of safeguarding and use scenarios to examine the different types of abuse that an ‘at risk’ person can suffer, plus what actions you can take. On completion of the units, an assessment is carried out.

Those that score 80% of more in the assessment will be able to access a downloadable certificate of achievement and will have the option of paying an additional fee for a printed accredited certificate from Gatehouse Awards.



Course objectives

  • Understand safeguarding and protection responsibilities of yourself and others
  • Understand abuse, exploitation, their indicators and how to respond
  • Understand radicalisation, its indicators and how to respond
  • Understand the reporting and disclosure of safeguarding concerns