Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) is required by most leading professional bodies and has many benefits for public service interpreters, whether or not they are affiliated with a membership organisation.

Demonstrating a commitment to engage in and document regular CPD activities makes interpreters stand out as professionals with the most up to date and relevant skills. CPD can involve anything that has a positive impact on a public service interpreter’s professional practice. This could include relevant training courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, e-learning, webinars, reading, writing articles/blogs, conducting academic research, shadowing, volunteering, teaching or mentoring.

We offer a number of online CPD courses specifically for public service interpreters in one place to make ongoing career development as simple as possible.

Your can browse and purchase courses below. Once you have paid for the course, you will be enrolled and given access to complete it online. Please read the full booking terms and conditions and refund policy. If you have you got a question, require more information before applying, or need help with your existing application you can contact us here.