Booking Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that any reference to Bookings in the following refers to the purchase of, or request for access to, content on the TLS Learn website

1. Contract

By making any purchase on the TLS Learn website and/or requesting access to content, you are confirming your intention to enter into legal relations with The Language Shop. All Bookings on the TLS Learn website are subject to these terms and conditions and you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted them when you complete the Booking. These terms are governed by English law. Any disputes arising between you and The Language Shop in connection with these terms will be dealt with by the English courts.

2. Data Protection

The Language Shop is obliged to conform to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 for the processing and storage of customer’s personal data. Your personal data will not be used for any purpose other than to delivery services you have requested. The data will not be disclosed to any external sources without your written consent (unless there is a legal obligation to do so).

The information within your booking will be retained by The Language Shop on a secure database. Please inform us in writing if you wish to have your personal data removed and/or to exercise your ‘right to be forgotten’. You can read more about The Language Shop’s Privacy policy on the TLS Learn website

3. Pricing

Although we make every effort to ensure that the prices listed for our courses are correct, mistakes may sometimes occur. If a mistake is discovered within your booking, we will inform you and give you the option of either reconfirming your booking at the correct price or withdrawing it. We reserve the right to change prices listed without notice.

4. Booking errors

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you submit for a Booking. By completing the Booking you confirm that all details provided are correct. In particular, your identification details.

In the case of an examination, you are also responsible for confirming the correct language combination (including dialects) in which the exam is to be conducted, the date and time of the exam and the specialism(s) required. If any of these details are incorrect and the exam cannot go ahead, you will have to book and pay for a new date and time. We will not refund you for the fee of the original examination.

5. Examination Conduct

5.1 Identification Documents (ID)

Before the exam begins you will be asked to present the two forms of ID that you registered with. One must evidence your address. If you show a different ID, the details on the ID shown are not exact match to the details given at registration or the ID presented is out of date you will not be able to take your exam and your exam fee will not be refunded.

This ID should be an original document (photocopies, printouts or electronic documents will not be accepted).

Accepted documents include:

  • Passports
  • Visa (with photograph)
  • National ID card
  • Driving License

If you have registered in your married name and your ID is in your maiden name, you must present an original UK marriage certificate or a UK spouse visa (in date) to support this.

5.2 Changes to the date and/or time of the exam

When completing your Booking, please consider any events which may affect you taking your exam and allow enough time.

You can change the time and date of your exam up to 7 days before your exam without paying an additional fee.

If you request to change the time and date any later than 7 days before the original date, you will have to book and pay for a new exam time. We will not refund the fee for the original exam.

5.3 Failure to attend

Failure to attend the exam for whatever reason will be deemed a ‘no-show’ and will not attract the terms of cancellation unless otherwise pre-agreed with us in writing. You will still be charged for the exam whether you attend or not.

5.4 Technical requirements

You are solely responsible to ensure that on the day of exam you have a fully functioning PC or laptop, webcam, stable internet connection and if required fully functioning headphones (with microphone).

5.5 Technical issues

If for any unforeseen technical reasons, that were not caused by your negligence of fulfilling the requirements stated in point 8 of these terms and conditions, you can’t carry on with the exam, please alert a member of staff immediately. If the issue persists and we are unable to continue you will be able to retake the exam without additional payment. This will take place on a different day and is subject to availability.

5.6 Inappropriate behaviour

Violent, aggressive or intimidating behaviour toward staff members will not be tolerated.

If any of the staff members conducting the exam feels that your behaviour is inappropriate, they will give you only one warning. If inappropriate behaviour persists staff members have a right to terminate your exam.

5.7 Time allotted and special requirements

Each part of the exam will take place in a strict time limit. If the time limit for any of the parts expires, that part of the exam will finish and the learner will be assessed on the evidence that has been observed during that time.

If you feel that you will require more time due to special consideration, please notify us via the ‘Reasonable Adjustments Request Form’.

To be considered for time extension, the ‘Reasonable Adjustments Request Form’ needs to be disclosed at the time of application, with any supporting evidence.

5.8 Exam conditions

From the time that the exam is scheduled to start, you are classed as being under ‘exam conditions’

This means that you should not have in your possession any non-permitted items, communicate with any other person in any way (unless instructed to do so), must not use a communication device (including mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch etc), must not eat, drink (except for water), smoke, vape, cause or be responsible for a disturbance (such as a mobile phone going off or being in a noisy room unsuitable for the exam), use any unauthorised materials or leave the room until the exam is over. Any authorised materials that you plan to use must be disclosed prior to the exam. You are permitted a notepad and pen to take notes provided it is disclosed prior to the exam and a copy of your notes shown to the invigilator after the exam has concluded.

Failure to conform to exam conditions will result in the exam being terminated, not marked and you will have to book and pay for a new exam time. We will not refund the fee for the original exam.

6. Complaints

Before making a complaint, please read through the information included in our Refund Policy. If, after having done so, you still wish to contact us with a complaint, you can do so in one of the following ways:

By Email:

By Post: The Language Shop, Pegholme 94-96, Wharfebank Mills, Ilkley Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3JP

Please allow up to 10 working days for a response to your complaint. Please note that we will not normally investigate complaints more than 3 months after the incident occurred. Please do not attempt to visit us in person.

7. Breaking the rules of the exam

All exams, including assessments undertaken as part of an online course, must be taken under ‘exam conditions’. By accepting a certificate, you confirm that all work undertaken and submitted is your own.

If you try to cheat in any of the following ways, your exam will be terminated and deemed as ‘FAIL’ and you will need to book and pay for another date:

  • Allowing other individuals to come in and out of the room during the exam
  • Speaking and/or taking advice from another person
  • Using any materials (electronic or printed) that were not specified in the exam instructions
  • Using any method to get help from the members of staff conducting exam
  • Leaving any mobile devices/smart phones, other web browsers, software applications, or other computers on during the exam
  • Using any electronic communications device
  • Using any other software during the exam
  • Recording of the exam screens, including taking screenshots, pictures, or video
  • Copying the exam questions or answers

10. Copyright

All information and materials provided during the exam, including content of role plays are owned by The Language Shop. No content in whole or part may be saved, copied, reproduced, printed, shared, disseminated, posted, uploaded, displayed, linked or used in any way without prior written permission of The Language Shop. Any such use is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the Language Shop.

11. Refund policy

Please note that if you are not entirely satisfied with your course, are no longer able to complete it, or have simply changed your mind you are eligible to apply for a full reimbursement within 14 calendar days of your purchase.

However, to be eligible for a refund, your course must be unaccessed. After the 14-day period, you will no longer be eligible to apply.

Please put your request in writing with a proof of purchase and a brief explanation why you have decided to cancel your course to Once your refund request is received you will be notified. We will then investigate your request and if approved we will initiate a refund to your original method of payment.